Citing unnamed "trading sources," CNBC reported this afternoon that activist investor Carl Icahn -- who has been in the news quite a bit recently for his feud with Herbalife short Bill Ackman -- has amassed an ownership stake in computer giant Dell (UNKNOWN:DELL.DL). Buying close to 100 million shares of the stock, the report suggests that the legendary Wall Street financier could now own around 6% of the company.

Closing 1.8% higher after trading at a slight loss for most of the day, Dell has been the subject of much recent speculation regarding its future as a company. The PC maker already agreed in February to be taken private at the hands of its own founder and CEO, Michael Dell, for $13.65 per share. Today's closing price of $14.32 indicates that shareholders believe they can get a sweeter deal; reportedly, Icahn's preference is that the company leverages itself highly, and pays out a massive one-time dividend. The dividend sought by Icahn may even be as high as $9 per share.