On Thursday, TASER International (NASDAQ:AAXN) updated investors on its latest batch of sales orders, primarily for the X2 TASER stun gun. In addition to booking sales of unspecified size to police departments in Tulsa, Okla., and Santa Ana, N.M., and one unspecified international operation, the company accepted substantial orders from:

  • The Lewisville Police Department in Texas, which ordered 160 TASER X2s.
  • The Buncombe County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina, which ordered 68 X2s, taking out five-year warranty protection on them in the process.

Financial terms of the sales were not disclosed in the press release. TASER shares gained 0.5% on Thursday, closing at $7.87 and adding $2.1 million to the company's market cap.

At advertised list prices, TASER's Thursday-announced sales probably produced no more than $300,000 in actual revenue for the company. The orders were received in the first quarter and are expected to ship in the first quarter.