T-Mobile USA, a subsidiary of German-based Deutsche Telekom (OTC:DTEGY), is currently testing its new 4G LTE network in nine U.S. cities, according to a report issued by OpenSignal, a privately owned wireless research firm.

T-Mobile is currently testing its 4G network in the Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Kansas City, San Diego, and Bay Area markets, according to the report. T-Mobile had already announced its intentions to expand its 4G network into the Kansas City and Las Vegas areas.

OpenSignal reports T-Mobile’s download speed in the test markets average 25Mb/s, upload speeds of 8Mb/s, and a latency average of 40ms. Though the 4G networks being tested contain no other network traffic, improving upload and download times in the testing phase, each of the measurements are above current global LTE average speeds.