Why U.S. Banks Could Be the Big Winners in the Cyprus Bailout

Could all these losses in Cyprus spell a big win for American banks?

Rex Moore
Rex Moore, Matthew Argersinger, and Jason Moser
Mar 25, 2013 at 7:43PM

The following video is from Monday's MarketFoolery podcast, in which host Rex Moore and analysts Matt Argersinger and Jason Moser discuss the top business and investing stories.

Cyprus reaches a deal with European creditors in exchange for a bank bailout. The deal maintains the $100,000 euro deposit insurance protection and taxes deposits above that amount. Who are the big winnners and losers in the deal? Which stocks stand to benefit?  In this installment of MarketFoolery, our analysts discuss the implications for investors.

The relevant video segment can be found between 0:15 and 5:24.

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