The following video excerpt was taken from an interview with Robert LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson (NASDAQ:LPSN), as he talks about what was behind the company's incredible success story. In this segment, he explains the company's opportunities for international expansion.  


Brendan Byrnes: So let's talk about International. You guys get about 75% of your revenues from the United States. That's been pretty consistent over the past few years. Where do you see the opportunity internationally for LivePerson?

Robert LoCascio: Well, we just bought a company in Australia, so we're doing very well there. We had a partner there for the last two years and we decided to buy them. I think we're going to start to expand in Asia. There's a lot of opportunity between Japan and China, South Korea. Even look at Indonesia's got 300 million people, so these are untapped markets. South America, Brazil, we're looking at these areas, so we're really dominant here, but there's an opportunity now to expand between Europe, South America, and Asia and we're going to look at that over the next year or two years.

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