The production rate for Boeing's (NYSE:BA) 747-8 plane has been reduced from two planes per month to 1.75, the company announced today, citing "lower market demand for large passenger and freighter airplanes."

Boeing's assessment of global market conditions, particularly for large airplanes, is that the air cargo market will resume growing in 2014. As for current market demand and the manufacturing of 747-8 planes, Boeing said it will "continue to monitor market conditions and their effect on production rates moving forward." Boeing projects as many as 790 large planes, such as the 747-8 Intercontinental, will be delivered worldwide over the next 20 years.

Boeing estimates the first 747-8 plane affected by the new production schedule will be delivered early next year. The 12.5% monthly decline in production of the 747-8 is, "not expected to have a significant financial impact," Boeing said. To date, there are 110 orders for passenger and cargo versions of the 747-8, 46 of which have been delivered, according to Boeing.


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