In the following video segment, author Debra Kaye discusses her new book, Red Thread Thinking. She explains how companies such as Whole Foods Market and Patagonia are able to make their products stand out from the crowd and communicate their differences effectively. The full version of the interview can be found here.

A transcript follows the video.

Brendan Byrnes: One of the things you talk about in the book also is getting your products to stand out. How can companies best do that, and maybe some examples of companies that are doing a great job?

Debra Kaye: The way you get your product to stand out is, first of all, innovation. Your product has to have a point of difference. It can't just be marketing.

Companies that are doing that are companies like Whole Foods. They really created products with a point of difference. They really are the originators of organic foods, and then they really do what they say. They talk about it on the Web and things like that.

Patagonia is another company that really does what it says, because not only are they really trying to do things that are ecologically more sound, but you can go look at their Footprint Chronicles and you can really see how much they're doing in terms of ecologically sound behavior, and what that means in the cost of each product that they're making.

Companies that really do as they say and say as they do, are companies that are making it more obvious.

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