The road to riches in the smartphone industry is littered with broken bodies. Nokia (NYSE:NOK) and BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) are fighting for their lives. Mighty Microsoft can hardly find a toehold in the tablet and smartphone spaces. The Motorola Mobility purchase has become a burdensome albatross for Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL). Even Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) market-leading growth and profitability are slowing down.

All the really hot names are relative upstarts, according to market analyst Strategy Analytics. It seems clear that the gold rush in the smartphone era is coming to an end. In this video, Fool contributor Anders Bylund walks you through the signs of a coming revolution, and makes an educated guess at what might be next. Spoiler alert: This could be a great time to invest in bleeding-edge component makers like Universal Display (NASDAQ:OLED).