Boeing's (NYSE:BA) 787 Dreamliner is starting to regain some momentum.

United Continental (NASDAQ:UAL) announced today that its United Airlines subsidiary will soon resume flying passengers on the Dreamliner, four months after a series of mishaps with Boeing's new plane caused regulators to ground the 787 worldwide. United Chief Operations Officer Pete McDonald noted in a statement that United's customers "responded extremely well when we introduced the 787, and we know they'll welcome it back." Boeing announced April 29 that all global regulatory agencies had approved Boeing's 787 battery improvements.

The airline notes that Boeing has already upgraded two of United's six Dreamliners to address the issues the planes had been experiencing with their batteries. Next week, on May 20, they should begin flying out of Houston again. International 787 flights will start up on the Denver-Tokyo route a few weeks later, on June 10.

Boeing shares are up 0.5% as of this writing, at $94.67, and United is up 0.1% at $32.91.