The timing of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) new product releases are among the most discussed events in the tech world. Particularly with competitors revving up to release new products of their own, many Apple fans want Apple to keep pace. The BlackBerry Q10 is debuting, Samsung is set to launch several versions of its Galaxy S4 on the Google Android platform, and Nokia is releasing an updated version of its Microsoft Windows Phone.

Despite the flurry of activity outside of Cupertino, there is mounting evidence that when CEO Tim Cook said "this fall," he wasn't being coy. If a cheap iPhone is coming, it will be this fall. The iPhone 5S? Again, this fall. As much as fans want more, autumn seems to be what Apple's aiming for. In the video below, contributor Doug Ehrman discusses the two camps on the subject, why the fall is likely the answer, and what this means for the company.