The stock analysts at Barron's are anything but bullish on Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) prospects. In the wake of the social network's most recent earnings report, they argue the stock is still worth no more than $25 a share and certainly not among the best stocks to invest in now.

We've seen this before. Barron's first published its valuation thesis in early February. The stock has badly lagged the S&P 500 since, and remains well off its much-hyped $40-a-share IPO price. Fears that Google will destroy the company appear to be alive and well, says Tim Beyers of Motley Fool Rule Breakers and Motley Fool Supernova in the following video.

Yet they may also be overblown, Tim says. Facebook's mobile ad revenue surged 30% as big names such as Yahoo! also took steps to get more smartphone owners using its apps. Facebook's efforts with Home and other mobile initiatives are paying off.

Do you agree? Watch the video below to get Tim's full take, and then let us know whether you believe Facebook is among the best stocks to invest in now.