The Motley Fool talks with Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith, one of Forbes' "Most Promising CEOs Under 35." Ryan's online data collection and analysis platform has enjoyed meteoric growth and success in its quest to "help companies be right."

A full transcript follows the video.

Brendan: You started out with mostly business schools, transforming into companies. Could you give us an example of what companies would use, specifically, your data for?

Ryan: Yeah. We started out in academia. We only focused on business schools. We had 1300 universities and now, in about 2007-08, we really started shifting toward the corporate market as well and we have over 5000 enterprise.

You could have a retailer, Bonobos for example, who was testing and doing research on how to build a better-fitting shirt. Or you'll have large airlines or cruise ships running all of their Voice of the Customer, the customer satisfaction.

The goal is that all the data that's being collected within the organization is in one spot, which is very powerful because it's very difficult if it's fragmented or it's sitting in four or five different locations or formats, to be part of the data initiative within the org, or integrate back into (NYSE:CRM), or other systems like that.

We're seeing everything come together into one platform, and trying to get the organizations to talk to each other because it's really important to use this data to make those decisions.