MEMC (OTC:SUNEQ) isn't MEMC anymore.

Late last week, MEMC Electronic Materials confirmed that it will officially change its name to SunEdison today and adopt the "SUNE" ticker symbol for itself. Stockholder support for the change was said to be "overwhelming."

On Monday, the change did in fact take effect, with the result that most financial news websites  now produce a null response to searches for the old "WFR" ticker. Conversely, the "SUNE" ticker is now active -- but mostly devoid of useful information while we wait for the data providers get their ducks lined up in a row.

Company President and CEO Ahmad Chatila thinks the data update will be worth the wait: "We strongly believe the SunEdison name provides us with broader marketplace appeal and scalability that will help us grow the company and build long term brand equity as we look toward the next chapter."

Meanwhile, for those who could find it, the new ticker glowed green in Monday trading, rising 3.5% to close at $8.35.