Perhaps it is true that President Obama's pursuit of a lower carbon emission society is the first blow in a "War on Coal". If we look at developing technology in the coal space, however, this war may end before it even begins. Both Southern (NYSE:SO) and Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) are in the process of developing coal-powered generation facilities that could change the game. This new technology, known as coal gasification, reduces the amount of CO2 emitted per kW generated by 50% compared to traditional coal facilities, and reduces emissions of other pollutants regulated by the EPA by 70%.

There is a chance that if Southern and Duke can prove that these facilities are economically viable power facilities that can reach emission levels similar to natural gas, then the coal industry in the U.S. might get a second wind. Then again, there are a couple ifs in that statement that need to go right for this plan to work. Tune into the video below where contributors Tyler Crowe and Aimee Duffy look at the chances for success with this technology and what the coal industry has in store for the next couple of years.

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