The following video is from Wednesday's installment of The Motley Fool's Weekly Tech Review, in which host Chris Hill and analysts Eric Bleeker and Lyons George look at the biggest stories driving the tech sector this week.

In this segment, Lyons and Eric discuss the challenges facing BlackBerry in its turnaround. Eric notes the long list of mobile companies that dipped into negative operating profits and weren't able to complete a turnaround. The historical implications are clear: It's tough to come back from behind in the mobile world. 

With BlackBerry's handset share not only falling in areas such as the United States, but also plummeting in Latin American markets such as Mexico, the company's fate -- along with its acquisition hopes -- rests more in its surrounding mobile management software. The two discuss the risks around investing in BlackBerry, and the company's remaining areas of strength. 

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The relevant video segment can be found between 5:05 and 8:41.

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