Dominion's (NYSE:D) newly converted coal-to-biomass plant is officially operational, according to a press release issued today.

The utility's Dominion Virginia Power subsidiary brought the unit online last Friday, the first of three facilities to clean out coal consumption in favor of biomass.

"Today marks another achievement guided by Dominion's philosophy that balanced fuel diversity – from coal to natural gas to nuclear to renewables – leads to reasonable rates that best serve the needs and interests of customers and shareholders," said Dominion Generation CEO David Christian in a statement.

Click here for a video of Virgina's Secretary of Natural Resources' visit to the newly converted power station.

The utility had previously announced its intentions around two years ago of spending $165 million to convert the three plants. Total generation will clock in at 153 megawatts, and the other two units are on schedule for full conversion by 2014.

According to Dominion, the new plants will lower greenhouse gas and particulate-matter emissions, as well as put Dominion closer to reaching Virginia's voluntary 15% renewable energy goal by 2025.

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