Ebix (NASDAQ:EBIX) will be very busy in the near future doing work for a major South American telecom incumbent. The company announced that it has signed a deal with Telefonica's (NYSE:TEF) Brazilian subsidiary Telefonica/Vivo (NYSE:VIV), also known as Telefonica Brasil, to supply its services for the latter's eHealth Self Care initiative, which aims "to provide health assistance and complimentary services to their millions of clients." Ebix will utilize its A.D.A.M. Health Content Exchange solution to make this happen.

The terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

The Brazilian firm's clients total around 90 million at the moment. Estimating conservatively, Ebix said it anticipates deploying up to roughly 1.2 million people on a monthly basis in the early phases of the project. That number, however, is expected to increase substantially.

Ebix said it expects its solution for Telefonica/Vivo will go live in Q4 of this year.