Year to date, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has severely lagged the broader market as investors sit on the sidelines waiting for the next big catalyst. After pulling back significantly, there haven't been any major product launches of Apple's most important products since last fall.

In every year since 2010, Apple has enjoyed successful iPad launches in the spring that satiate investors until the iPhones are released in the fall, but 2013 is different due to cycle changes from 2012. Tim Cook has reiterated that Apple has a slew of exciting new products due out this fall, and that's exactly what investors are waiting for. The company still has plenty of opportunities in mid-range and emerging markets for the "iPhone 5C" that's been leaked. With reports that Apple is planning its iPhone event on Sept. 10, investors may not have to wait long for a product catalyst.

In the following video, Fool contributor Evan Niu, CFA, and Eric Bleeker, CFA, discuss Apple's lull so far this year, as well as where the Mac maker goes from here.