Tata Motors (NYSE:TTM) announced its Jaguar Land Rover retail volumes for July, and sales are going pedal to the metal.

Overall, volume sales are up a seasonally adjusted 21.5% to 31,611 vehicles for July, and 13% year to date (April to July). Jaguar sales have really roared ahead, with a 65.3% increase in July sales compared with 2012 numbers. Land Rover also landed a respectable 14.2% higher than 12 months ago, although year-to-date sales clocked in just 8.8% above the same period for 2012.

On a regional basis, Jaguar has clearly made inroads with China. July volumes are up 221% compared with a year ago, and year-to-date sales clock in just shy of 100% growth. Land Rover's biggest market increase comes from the Asia-Pacific region, where July volumes are up a seasonally adjusted 45.7%, or 40.7% year to date. For both lines combined, Jaguar Land Rover has seen volumes increase around the world this year, although Europe is up only 2%.