Just a few weeks ago, the large employer mandate in Obamacare got pushed back until 2015. It looks like that won't be the only part of the law getting a one-year implementation setback. And this latest change could dramatically affect the amount of money a person or a family spends next year on health-care costs.
The cap on out-of-pocket payments in Obamacare is roughly $6,400 per person and double that for families. The goal was to limit the financial harm that could befall a family. Shockingly, this delay has actually been on the books since February, but it is only coming to light now. The justification is that providers have no way to accurately track how much their members are spending in certain scenarios. It requires a whole new digital infrastructure, and that won't be ready to go in January.

In this video, health-care analyst David Williamson discusses the impact of this delay and looks at two health-care IT stocks set to profit from Obamacare that investors may have overlooked, given their historical focus in other industries.