While GM spent big on all-new pickups, Toyota settled for a makeover with the 2014 Tundra. Photo credit: Toyota.

Is Toyota (NYSE:TM) giving up on the idea of making big strides in the full-sized pickup market?

It's unlike Toyota to give up on any market, particularly one as profitable as full-sized pickups -- but lately there are some signs that it's thinking about throwing in the towel. While General Motors (NYSE:GM) just unveiled all-new versions of its Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, and the oft-updated Ford (NYSE:F) F-150 is known to be set for its own replacement next year, Toyota settled for a quickie makeover of its Tundra for 2014.

The outgoing version of the Tundra was hailed as a big achievement when it was first introduced. But it has never managed anything like the sales numbers that Ford and GM post month after month, and this new version seems to leave it well behind its rivals. In this video, Fool contributor John Rosevear looks at how the new Tundra stacks up -- and at why he thinks Toyota is close to giving up on its effort to crack this lucrative market.

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