The compact Buick Encore crossover SUV is finding more and more fans in the U.S. -- and in China, too. Photo credit: General Motors Co.

General Motors' (NYSE:GM) Buick Encore SUV is turning out to be a nice success in both the U.S. and China -- and in Europe, where the Buick brand isn't even offered.

How can that be? Simple: In Europe, the Encore (with a few trim changes) is known as the Opel Mokka, shown below -- and it's bringing lots of new buyers to GM's long-troubled German brand.

The Encore's fraternal twin, the Opel Mokka, has also been a big seller for GM's German subsidiary. Photo credit: General Motors Co.

In GM's post-bankruptcy worldview, Chevrolet and Cadillac are the two true "global" brands, each sold in many countries with a single brand identity. Increasingly, though, it's clear that GM's third global brand is the combination of Buick and Opel -- and as Fool contributor John Rosevear explains in this video, that could offer some big advantages for GM, as well as some pleasant surprises for Buick (and Opel) fans.


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