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Dow Futures Climb as Verizon Mulls a $100 Billion Deal

MoneyGram Expands Services to Myanmar

Las Vegas Sands to Return $47.4 Million to Settle Allegations

Imports Boost Crude Oil Supplies 0.8%; Gasoline Down 0.3%

US Banks Earned Record $42.2 Billion in Q2

NASA 3-D "Prints" a Functional Rocket Engine Part

Northrop Fuel Tanks Fly on New F/A-18 Prototype

Americans Driving Less as Car Culture Wanes

Japan Regulator Urges More Monitoring of Fukushima Sea

Labor Secretary: Fast-Food Strikes Show Need for Wage Increase

Proxy Firms Back Actavis Deal to Acquire Warner Chilcott

Ford Now Building Fusion in the US

Fixed Mortgage Rates Drop

United Airlines Seeks Approval for China Flight

WestJet to Buy 65 Boeing 737 MAXes

Initial Jobless Claims Fall 1.8%

Q2 GDP Growth Revised Up to 2.5%

EU Approves New Use for Regeneron's EYLEA

Q2 Corporate Profit Up 3.9%

J&J Tries New Cap Warning to Curb Fatal Tylenol Overdoses

Nasdaq Absolves High-Speed Trading of Blame for 3-Hour Shutdown