Chalk up 65 more sales for Boeing (NYSE:BA).

On Thursday, Boeing said in a press release that it was "delighted" to announce that Canada's WestJet Airlines is supplementing its fleet of four Bombardier and 103 Boeing 737 Next-Gen airplanes, with an order for 65 new Boeing birds. The planes -- 40 737 MAX 8s and 25 737 MAX7s -- will all come from Boeing's newest line of 737 craft, and are worth $6.3 billion at current list prices. (Albeit, almost no airline ever pays anywhere near list price).

Deliveries are expected to start in September 2017.

Boeing said in a statement: "We are pleased to see the 737 MAX will continue the tradition of supporting WestJet's vision to be one of the most successful international airlines in world. The 737 MAX's efficiency, reliability and passenger amenities will be a successful combination with WestJet famous customer service."

This order has not yet posted to Boeing's Orders & Deliveries website, as at this time WestJet has only signed a "letter of intent to purchase."

-- Material from The Associated Press was used in this report.