Even if you aren't a comic book fan, chances are you know some of the genre's biggest bombs. I mean, is there anyone left who isn't aware of Ben Affleck's failure to deliver in Daredevil a decade ago? The stink of that film has some fans protesting Time Warner's (NYSE:TWX.DL) choice to have him play Batman in the next big DC Comics movie adaptation, due in July 2015.

We can expect to see more high-profile flameouts now that comic book movies have become common. It's the law of large numbers: More adaptations will bring more successes, and more failures.

How can investors know which studios are developing winning properties, without the aid of a crystal ball? The following slideshow outlines my process and then adds details on some of the genre's biggest losers. As for the winners? Our analysts have four stock ideas we'd like to present to you. Their full report is available free, right now, when you click here.

The 5 Worst Comic Book Movies from The Motley Fool.