Will Apple's (AAPL 0.07%) new iPhone 5S finally send the traditional console gaming model the way of the dinosaurs?

This question has been asked regularly over the years, with each successive advance in the high-end smartphone space. And while it's by no means a new idea, there's no question that this week's latest and greatest iPhone made some serious strides forward in its gaming chops.

If you're a gambling man, the odds are probably against seeing the new iPhone completely upend this decades-old industry, but that doesn't mean there isn't an investment takeaway here. In fact, Apple's executive team signaled that they believe the iPhone has serious potential to disrupt the video-game industry, with their extended demo of the new Infinity Blade III. And as tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner explains in this video, this is a trend with billions of dollars at stake. Apple investors would be wise to pay attention.

Handset gaming is a billion-dollar opportunity for Apple investors, but it's only a drop in the bucket compared with some of Apple's other opportunities. However for the tech giant's stock to soar, a few critical things need to fall into place. In The Motley Fool's special free report "5 Secrets to Apple's Future," we outline the key factors every Apple investor needs to watch. Just click here now for your free report.