The Chevy Tahoe and Suburban -- as well as the similar GMC Yukon -- are extremely important to General Motors (NYSE:GM). The company dominates this highly profitable full-size SUV space with a 74% market share. Ford (NYSE:F), with its Expedition and Lincoln Navigator twin, is a distant second place behind the GM fleet, while Nissan (Armada), Toyota (Sequoia) and others fight for the leftovers.

Thus, GM's unveiling of the redesigned Tahoe and Suburban last week in New York was officially a Big Deal. Our roving reporter Rex Moore was at the event and, along with senior auto analyst John Rosevear, was generally impressed with the new vehicles.

In this first of a multi-part video series, Rex goes straight to the designers and engineers for details on the refreshed SUVs. Today, he speaks with lead designer Bryan Priebe about the Tahoe's exterior and interior features.

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