The new 2014 Cadillac CTS. Photo credit: General Motors Co.

When the last Cadillac CTS was introduced in 2008, reviewers were mostly impressed: General Motors (NYSE:GM) had finally created a car that was close to rivals from the German luxury-car leaders.

Now GM has another all-new CTS for 2014, and the first reviews are in: No qualifiers needed, this one is seriously competitive with the best from BMW (NASDAQOTH:BAMXF) and Mercedes-Benz. It's a big step up from the last car, reviews are saying, and in some ways it's even better than the German alternatives.

It's high praise for GM, the latest in a series of exceptional new products from the overhauled Detroit automaker. But this new CTS comes with a big caveat: It's a lot more expensive than the outgoing model.

There's an argument that the new CTS should be more expensive than the old one: It's a much better car, with more features and equipment. At the same time, the Cadillac brand still has a ways to go before it's thought of as a global peer of the German luxury marques.

Has GM pushed too far, too fast? In this video, Fool contributor John Rosevear looks at the latest on the stylish new Cadillac, and offers his view on what it will need to succeed in today's market.

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