Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) already deserves a place in the stock buyback hall of fame (if something so nerdy actually existed). The iEverything maker is already responsible for the single largest buyback in corporate history. In the wake of mounting investor and media pressure, the tech giant massively strengthened its buyback program last April by upping the amount of capital authorized for share repurchases from the $10 billion it had announced a year before to a jaw-dropping $60 billion. 

Apparently some investors just can't be pleased.

As has been widely noted (and tweeted), famed activist investor and billionaire Carl Icahn has been angling for Apple to massively bolster its already gigantic share repurchase plan. Icahn would have Apple continue to borrow in order to fund a truly monumental share buyback plan worth $150 billion.

In this video, Fool contributor Andrew Tonner looks at some of the basic math behind Icahn's suggested buyback to see what kind of returns investors could potentially see if the legendary investor were to get his way.

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