Boeing (NYSE:BA) released its latest report on airplane orders received -- and cancelled -- through the first nine-point-something months of 2013 on Thursday.

To date, the aerospace giant has booked:

  • 842 "gross" orders for various flavors of its 737 regional airliner
  • 132 orders for the 787 Dreamliner
  • 44 for the 777 airliner
  • five 747 orders.

From this total, Boeing subtracted 119 737s, eight 777s, all five 747s, but just a single 787, for customer cancellations, resulting in a net of 890 commercial airplanes ordered year to date.

This is a significant jump in orders since I last checked in on Boeing late last month, and found the company's order book populated with "only" 834 net new plane orders. The increase is entirely attributable to Boeing's ever-popular 737 airliner. The Boeing-anointed "best selling commercial aircraft in aviation history" has picked up 71 new orders, while losing only 15, in the past three weeks.