Biotech has long taken the spotlight in the health care sector as the premier market for growth investors, but it's hardly the only idnustry lighting up Wall Street's eyes with green. The diagnostics market might not be a glamour pick, but it's boomed in recent quarters -- and it's shown no signs of slowing down in the midst of the third quarter's earnings season.

Diagnostic leaders Thermo-Fisher (NYSE:TMO) and Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN) both recently reported strong earnings reports that delivered high-powered sales growth and impressed investors. Even health care's giants have capitalized on the diagnostics boom, as Abbott Labs (NYSE:ABT) saw its own diagnostics unit lead all its businesses in sales growth this past quarter.

But can this market keep soaring in the future? In the video below, Fool contributor Dan Carroll tells you the inside scoop on how the diagnostics market is booming this earnings season and whether you can make money on this industry's bright future.

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