Critics have raved about the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, but GM's prices may be driving away potential buyers. Photo credit: General Motors Co.

The launch of General Motors (NYSE:GM) all-new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups has gone very smoothly for the most part. That's impressive given the production volumes, the aggressive schedule -- and the huge importance of the new pickups to GM's bottom line.

But while critics have praised the new trucks, they aren't selling as well as expected, and that has some of GM's dealers concerned. The problem: GM is being stingy with discounts on its new trucks. That seems like a smart move to protect the General's profits -- but it may be costing GM sales as archrival Ford (NYSE:F) has piled on the incentives.

How can GM placate its dealers -- and get sales of its new trucks going -- without sacrificing profits? In this video, Motley Fool contributor John Rosevear looks at GM's latest moves to try to jump-start its new trucks' sales -- and at whether Ford will continue to eat GM's lunch in this tremendously important market segment.

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