Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been trying to change the conversation lately. Instead of focusing so singularly on unit market share, Apple has noted its lead in other metrics such as customer satisfaction, loyalty, and usage. The company won't be happy to hear that J.D. Power has now awarded Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF) its top award in tablet satisfaction, with Samsung winning out by a slim margin.

J.D. Power uses five different criteria to measure overall satisfaction: performance, ease of use, design, features, and cost. Interestingly enough, Apple beat Samsung in four of these categories, with cost being Samsung's only advantage. Lower price points theoretically convey greater value to consumers, but in this case it was enough to let Samsung take home the crown.

In this segment of Tech Teardown, Erin Kennedy discusses Apple's fall in the rankings with Jamal Carnette and Evan Niu, CFA.