DC Entertainment and parent Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) aren't necessarily catering to its core fans in commissioning a new show based on the comic0book character Hourman, Fool contributor Tim Beyers says in the following video.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the same CW network that has profited from Arrow and which is expected to produce a spin-off show starring the Flash, Hourman features a troubled pharmaceutical analyst who realizes that his nightmarish visions are glimpses of tragedies set to occur one hour in the future. The show centers on the main character's struggles to prevent disaster.

In that sense, Tim says, the show differs from the World War II era Hourman, so named for the formula that would imbue him with super-strength an hour at a time. Executive producers Michael Caleo, Dan Lin, and Jennifer Gwartz envision more of a sci-fi thriller than comic-book romp, it seems. Will it matter? Not to investors. Warner needs to find ways to expand the DC universe, and that means trying shows that might defy some fans' expectations, Tim says.

Do you agree? Are you looking forward to Hourman on the CW? Please watch the video to get Tim's full take, and then leave a comment to let us know what you think.