The new Ford Mondeo is China's version of the Fusion sedan. It arrived at Chinese dealers in August, and sales have been strong. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

Ford (NYSE:F) had a great year in China last year. Its Focus was China's best-selling vehicle family, and sales were up big. But that was nothing compared to what we've seen in 2013: Through November, the Blue Oval's sales in China are up a whopping 51%.

That growth rate is far beyond what big rivals like General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Volkswagen (NASDAQOTH:VWAGY) have managed to put up this year. And Ford recently passed giant Toyota (NYSE:TM) in Chinese-market sales. What's Ford's secret? 

Ford's secret is that the company's current lineup has hit a "sweet spot" with Chinese customers. Quite a few middle-class Chinese folks say they want a new car that's nice, well-equipped with lots of high-tech features -- but that isn't flashy or ostentatious. Many of those customers find that Ford's latest products are just what they wanted.

In this video, Fool contributor John Rosevear looks at the latest numbers from China and at how Ford is already moving to keep this great growth story going over the next few years.

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