International CES, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world, officially kicked off today in Las Vegas, and people are buzzing about the biggest trends and ideas in consumer electronics. With personal devices such as the smartphone and tablet having revolutionized consumers' lives, many are watching very closely for the next big idea, as well as when it will be available commercially, and how investors can get in on the ground floor.

In this video, the Motley Fool's Rex Moore talks with Rob Pegoraro, tech columnist for USA Today and Yahoo! Tech, about three of the biggest trends he sees emerging from CES this year. Ultra-high-definition television has made great strides recently in terms of standardization and affordability for consumers, and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) will be offering the next season of its hit show House of Cards in ultra HD. But with content for the ultrasharp new resolution still lacking on the whole, will it face major adoption issues that could hamstring the technology before it gains wide appeal? Also, what is the best screen size for a smartphone? Rex and Rob take a look at the future of smartphone screens and the trend toward the curved screen.

Finally, a look at the "Internet of things" and the idea of the interconnected household. Many anticipate receiving updates on their phones from the washing machine saying the laundry is done, or from the fridge saying it's time to buy more chicken. But which companies are set to dominate this space as this story plays out? What role will the new wearable fitness trackers play in the interconnected household, and are these devices already susceptible to disruption as Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) push smartphone capabilities to the next level? Rob and Rex dive into these ideas and more in the video below.