Chrysler brand chief Al Gardner unveils the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan in Detroit. Photo credit: Chrysler.

Chrysler took the wraps off of its all-new 2015 200 sedan in Detroit on Monday. 

The new Chrysler may share a name with its predecessor, but it's a very different car. Working with the resources of its soon-to-be-merger-partner Fiat (NASDAQOTH: FIATY), Chrysler was able to rethink its midsize sedan from the ground up. The result is an intriguing product.

The new 200's styling has more than a little bit in common with the compact Dodge Dart. That's not a coincidence: Like the Dart, the 200 is built on a platform that started its life with corporate sibling Alfa Romeo, before being stretched and modified for American tastes.

The 200 is packed with intriguing high-tech features, including a sophisticated nine-speed automatic transmission. It has a plush interior filled with soft leather and unusual wood accents, and its optional V6 will give it 295 horsepower -- big power for a mainstream sedan.

The 2015 Chrysler 200's clean lines are a definite improvement on its predecessor's somewhat odd looks. But will it stand out in the brutally competitive midsize sedan segment?

That's one of the questions that the Motley Fool's John Rosevear and Rex Moore ponder in the video below. John and Rex were there as Chrysler revealed its new sedan, and they spent some time up close to (and inside) the new 200. Check it out to hear their thoughts from the show floor in Detroit, and then scroll down to leave a comment and let us know what you think: Did Chrysler hit the mark here?

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