Few stocks in health care are as recognizable as power players Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) and Abbott Labs (NYSE:ABT). Both diversified health-care firms have broad reaches across several industries in the health sector, and both have been reliable stocks for investors for decades. But which stock is on track to perform the best for your portfolio in 2014?

Johnson & Johnson's fresh off of its fourth-quarter earnings report, in which the company's standout pharmaceutical division continued to see sales surge. However, J&J's outlook instilled worry among some industry analysts, sending the stock down despite an earnings beat. Meanwhile, while Abbott saw its big growth driver, its nutritionals division, sag in its own earnings report, the company still has a big presence overseas in emerging markets it hopes to capitalize on this year.

Does that make Abbott the stock you should believe in, or is Johnson & Johnson's surging drug unit too tempting to pass up? Find out in the video below, where Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll compares these two stocks in the wake of their earnings announcements and shows you which is on the better track to reward your financial foundation this year.