Indian automaker Tata Motors Limited (NYSE:TTM) unveiled today its two latest vehicles: the Zest and Bolt. 

"We at Tata Motors are delighted to showcase to the global market the much awaited next generation cars -- the ZEST, a stunning and exciting new compact sedan and the BOLT, a dynamic hatch," said President of Passenger Vehicles Ranjit Yadav at the unveiling, according to the company. "These cars have been engineered for global markets, through global teams across India, U.K. and Korea to set new standards in their respective segments. These cars are a true representation of our Horizonext philosophy, with best-in-class offerings for performance that yet offers economy and efficiency."

Source: Tata Motors Inc. 

Source: Tata Motors Inc. 

Both vehicles offer gasoline and diesel engines, and they embody three new advances in Tata Motors' offerings. "DesignNext" is a new "design language" meant to merge styling with comfort. "DriveNext" improves drivability by increasing responsiveness and performance while allowing for further fuel economy. "ConnectNext" pushes the driver's experience beyond the seat and into the smartphone, with new control and monitoring experiences from HVAC management to ergonomic preferences. 

Both cars will be launched in India in 2014, with plans to push sales internationally afterward. 


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