Shares of tech giant Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have taken it on the chin over the last two weeks in the wake of its disappointing earnings report.

However, as we head into that time of year often regarded as a quiet period for Apple, all is not lost at the world's largest technology company.

Hope springs eternal
By now, it's a given that Apple will launch updates to the iPhone and iPad later in the year. But as we saw in its most recent earnings report, that can only drive growth to an increasingly limited extent.

So for investors, much of the reason to invest is predicated on what else Apple might have up its sleeve. And if a series of recent moves serve as any indication, Apple could still have plenty of innovation in its tank.

Recently, a number of sources have detailed how Apple has quietly been bolstering its content-delivery capabilities. This has left many Apple observers speculating that the moves mean it could be slowly laying the foundation for its long-rumored television product in the months ahead.

In the video below, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner discusses the news and the possible implications it could hold for Apple investors.

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