Last week, the story of a .22 caliber "smart" handgun was liked more than 81,000 times on social media, making it the No. 1 trending business and investing story for the week. What makes this gun so special, and why does it have the Internet in a sharing frenzy?

The gun's technology, which could have been pulled straight out of a James Bond movie, uses a linked wristwatch to prevent the gun from being fired by anyone other than the rightful owner. If you're wearing the watch, the gun and watch will sync up, a small green light will illuminate on the handgun, and the firing mechanism will work. No watch? No green light and no shooting. 

In the following video, Fool contributor Jay Jenkins discusses the handgun (which retails for $1,399 plus another $399 for the watch), and its implications for the industry. For industry leaders such as Sturm, Ruger (RGR 0.14%) and Smith & Wesson (SWBI 0.59%), the impact won't be immediately felt. However, with reviews stagnating after years of booming growth, these companies will have to find ways to blend technology with tradition to keep sales, and stock prices, moving from the lower left to the upper right.

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