It's been a fantastic run for resurgent Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) -- so much so that BlackBerry's shares have rallied more than 100% from their lows several months ago. Although by no means out of the woods yet, BlackBerry has bought itself some time by convincing investors that its turnaround efforts are indeed bearing fruit.

And in keeping with this comeback storyline, BlackBerry recently announced another move that should help its rebound gain further traction.

BlackBerry back from the brink
Although still in the early innings, it's hard to overstate the quality of the job BlackBerry's new CEO, John Chen, has done in righting the ship at the embattled Canadian smartphone marker.

Under Chen's leadership, BlackBerry has outsourced its hardware manufacturing, which alone should help save BlackBerry from needing to further deal with the inventory issues that resulted in billions of dollars in writedowns under past management. Furthermore, Chen has also refocused BlackBerry around various software and service products in which BlackBerry already has a strong suit and stands to turn into potentially profitable franchises in the years ahead.

And recently, Chen made yet another positive move, which tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner discusses in the following video.

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