In the latest chapter of the saga detailing the potential merger between men's apparel retailers Joseph A. Bank (UNKNOWN:JOSB.DL) and Men's Wearhouse (NYSE:TLRD), after rejecting the most recent bid from Men's Wearhouse to buy Jos A. Bank this week, the two sides have agreed to meet and possibly come to terms on a deal that both sides can finally be happy with. Men's Wearhouse is willing to pay a lot for Jos. A. Bank, with the latest offer at $1.8 billion, and there are signs that indicate Men's Wearhouse may be willing to pay even more.

It's obvious why Jos. A. Bank would be an attractive addition to Men's Wearhouse, with Jos. A. Bank's revenue growing 50% over the past 5 years; its growth would make an attractive complement to Men's Wearhouse's stable solid bottom line. But, if the two companies can come to a deal, is Men's Wearhouse at risk of overpaying? In this segment from Thursday's Consumer Countdown, Motley Fool analysts Mark Reeth and Sean O'Reilly discuss why the market likes the possibility of a deal finally happening here, and whether the new company would border on constituting a monopoly.

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