There's plenty of research out there showing how tough it is for companies to seamlessly integrate their acquisitions. There are always worries that acquired companies may not be integrated smoothly, leading to inefficiencies in operations, and possibly a writedown of the large amount of goodwill on the balance sheet.

However, those who do it well can benefit greatly. Just ask 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD).

Avi Reichental's company has made some 50 acquisitions in the past three years and -- so far at least -- it all seems to be working very well. Many of the new products introduced at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas were born out of buyouts. The ChefJet, for example, is the first-ever 3-D printer that makes edible sugar and chocolate. There's also the CeraJet ceramic 3-D printer that outputs ceramic objects ready for firing and glazing. These technologies made their way into the company through acquistions.

Why have all these acquisitions integrated so well? Avi Reichental, the president and CEO of 3D Systems, answered that question for Motley Fool analyst Rex Moore. Here's more from the CES exhibit floor.

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