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Will All Apple, Inc. Products Soon Boast Retina Displays?

By Daniel Sparks – Mar 27, 2014 at 4:10AM

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Apple's non-Retina product offerings are becoming increasingly scarce. Will Apple's entire product lineup soon consist only of products with Retina displays?

Apple (AAPL 1.56%) looks poised to ditch all of its products without Retina displays. At least that appears to be how things are shaping up in light of recent rumors about Apple's plans for its product lines. And a new rumor that surfaced today supports this idea: Apple will launch its first Macbook Air with a Retina display later in 2014, according to DigiTimes, citing supply chain sources in Taiwan.

Macbook Air. Image source: Apple.

Why would Apple want to move to an entirely Retina lineup?

Not only would it streamline operations, but it would also make life easier for iOS and OS X app developers. With only high-resolution displays, developers would have greater incentives to make a complete transition to high-resolution apps.

How Apple goes all Retina
While the DigiTimes' Taiwan sources don't specify whether Apple would end production of its current Macbook Air models without Retina displays, a move to Retina in the product line would set the foundation for Apple to eventually go all Retina with the line.

Beyond its Macbook Air models, the only non-Retina display laptop the company has left is its older 13-inch Macbook Pro. But there have been rumors recently that Apple is planning to finally end production of its non-Retina Macbook Pro.

In Apple's desktop lineup, all iMacs are still non-Retina. Given the larger size of the iMac displays, this will likely be the last product line to go all Retina.

iPad Air. Image source: Apple.

In tablets, Apple is already nearing an all-Retina lineup. After subtly adjusting its product offerings last week, Apple finally said goodbye to the non-retina iPad 2 and replaced it with the fourth-generation iPad. The only iPad left that is still in production without a Retina display is Apple's first-generation iPad Mini. 

In Apple's iPhone lineup, all phones have a Retina display.

Same old Apple
Ditching old technology rapidly across its product lines is nothing new. Ever since Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company has kept its product portfolio very limited.

It's good to see Apple continuing to aggressively move forward in newer technologies in the post-Jobs era. While consumers may think little of it, phasing out 30-pin connectors, optical drives, and old display technology so rapidly isn't easy business. But Apple is taking big operational moves like these in stride.

With Apple executing so effectively in small areas like these, it also bodes well for the execution that goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps Apple isn't as lethargic as the Street makes the company out to be. Perhaps the products in Apple's pipeline that haven't yet been unveiled will demonstrate the same rapid execution Apple displayed with the 64-bit A7 -- the same rapid execution Apple has always embraced.

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