General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) introduced its 1.7 MW wind turbine to India's energy market today, creating new opportunity to pull power from the country's low-wind-speed conditions.

The 1.7 MW wind turbine's 103-meter rotor is specifically designed by General Electric Company to deal with the South Asia nation's low wind speeds, allowing it to generate electricity efficiently and economically. GE says a 100 MW wind farm of these turbines could generate enough electricity for 413,000 Indian homes per year and offset carbon emissions of 291,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

While General Electric is an international leader in wind turbine technology, this latest -- in its words -- "first for India" product outdoes its predecessor. Compared to its 1.6 MW 82-meter rotor predecessor, GE's newest iteration is 30% more productive, according to the company. 

"The launch of our new 1.7-103 wind turbine is a testament to GE's commitment to energizing India and catering to India's low wind speed environment. Our latest offering underscores the company's effort to provide localized solutions to India," said Banmali Agrawala, president and CEO of GE South Asia, in the press release.


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