All across the US and even the world, oil and gas companies are putting up 'For Sale' signs on many of their oil and gas properties. With over $300 billion in assets on the auction block, there is barely enough companies out there looking to buy. For companies like LINN Energy (NASDAQOTH:LINEQ) (UNKNOWN:LNCO.DL) there couldn't be a better time to be a Master Limited Partnership that specializes in buying property that no one wants anymore. 

If you want to find out why LINN Energy's business model revolves around making these types of acquisitions and how LINN is possibly in a better position to make these sorts of acquisitions over other oil and gas producing MLPs like Vanguard Natural Resources (NASDAQOTH:VNRSQ) and BreitBurn Energy Partners (NASDAQOTH:BBEPQ); tune into the video below.