How Much of this $30 Billion Industry Can Westport Innovations Capture?

With the rail industry looking hard at LNG-powered locomotives, this could be a major growth market for Westport Innovations if it plays its cards right.

Tyler Crowe
Tyler Crowe
Apr 22, 2014 at 11:00AM
Energy, Materials, and Utilities

We could very well be on the precipice of a change in the railroad industry not seen in 60 years. It is becoming very expensive to fuel locomotives with diesel, and liquefied natural gas engines could be a solution. Investors in Westport Innovations (NASDAQ:WPRT) should be excited about this, because it has a jump-start in this market with the recent delivery of four LNG locomotive engines to Canadian National Railway (NYSE:CNI). At $1 million per engine and fueling tender, this is a potential $30 billion market. 

How much of this market is actually attainable? And how much can Westport capture when major industrial manufacturers like General Electric (NYSE:GE) are looking for a foothold in this space as well? Find out some possible answers to these questions by tuning into the video below.