The market's up-and-down performance in 2014 has taken its toll on the biotech sector, and big biotech Celgene(NASDAQ:CELG) hasn't been immune to the sectorwide slump. Celgene's shares have fallen by double-digit percentages since the year kicked off, even as the company's star drug, myeloma treatment Revlimid, continues to grow. Revlimid makes up around two-thirds of Celgene's overall sales, but despite the solid performance from the company's most important drug, investors have soured on this stock lately.

However, slumps like this can be the perfect opportunity to buy a great stock, and Celgene has all the makings of a long-term winner. Revlimid holds patent protection until 2027 in the U.S., but it's not all Celgene has going for it. The company boasts a growing portfolio of drugs, both in its dominant myeloma niche as well as branching into new markets.

All this makes for a lot of momentum in Celgene's corner, even as this stock struggles in 2014. But is that enough to mount a bounce-back for shares this year? Find out in the video below, as Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll takes you through everything you need to know about this star biotech stock and the biggest drivers of a rebound through the rest of 2014.

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