Boeing (NYSE:BA) released its latest report on airplane orders received -- and canceled -- through April 22 on Thursday. There was no change from the previous week.

To date, the aerospace giant has booked:

  • 274 "gross" orders for various flavors of its 737 regional airliner
  • four orders for the 777 airliner
  • one 747 order
  • and also one 787 order.

No new orders have been booked since Boeing last updated its order book a week ago.

On the plus side, no new order cancellations have come in since last week, either. So after subtracting the 45 orders for single-aisle 737s lost to cancellation so far this year, Boeing is left with 235 net orders booked to date -- flat against last week.

One additional point to last week's report is worth noting. While Boeing reported five new 737 orders last week, balanced out by five cancellations, Boeing has since clarified that what happened was that an unidentified customer converted orders for five 737 Next Generation aircraft into orders for five more modern (and more expensive, at least at list price) 737 MAX models.

Boeing's order book page is not set up to explain such conversions, and defaults to reporting such conversions as equal numbers of cancellations and new orders. As Boeing explained in an email, "if there are an equal number of orders and cancellations, it is almost always an NG to MAX conversion."